Department of Mathematics : Morigaon College


The Department of Mathematics of Morigaon College is considered to be one of the pioneer departments for the study of Mathematics at the Undergraduate level in the Morigaon District of Assam and its adjoining areas, having a highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty.

Apart from regular teaching in the department, the faculty members are involved in many research works and published their research articles in internationally reputed Journals and conference proceedings. The major thrust areas for research are Dusty Plasma, Mathematics Education, Meteorology, Intuitionistic fuzzy near ring, and Topology.


The department of Mathematics was established in 1985 with Miss Deepa Saikia as the founder Head. All of the early teachers and one later eventually left the college and joined in different jobs. In 1990 Ms. Simarekha Bhagowati joined the department and took the charge of the departmental head. Mr. Ranjit Kumar Kalita, Mr. Prafulla Kumar Bora and Miss Upashana Gogoi joined the college in August 1995, March 1996, and September 2022, respectively, and they are still there today. In August 1991, Mr. Lilakanta Borthakur joined the college and became HoD in 2009 and served the capacity until March 2012. After leaving the institution, he became the principal of Mairabari College in 2012. He began his current position as Principal of our institution in 2015.In 2008, "Indira Gandhi Sadbhabawana Prize" was given to Dr. Borthakur. Mr. Ranjit Kumar Kalita assumed the position of HoD in March 2012 and held it until 2016. In 2016 Dr. Simarekha Bhagawati was reappointed as HoD for a three-year term. Mr. Prafulla Kumar Bora was named HoD i/c in 2019 and hold the position for three years and nine months. Dr. Ranjit Kumar Kalita was re-appointed as HoD in August 2022 and has held the position ever since. Dr. Kalita has served as the coordinator of IQAC since 2018. In 2013 Mr. Pradip Saikia joined the department as a contractual Assistant Professor. In 2020 Mr. Shamim Akhtar joined the department as a tutor.

Since the major course's inception in 1992, the department has made significant contributions to mathematics education in Morigaon district. With respect to accomplishments, this department has a long track record and has produced many successful alumni. Students of this department are seen to pursue their higher studies in institutions like IIT, NEHU, Assam University, Sikkim University, etc. along with the parent university Gauhati University.

In 2004, with the assistance of the department's teachers and students, a departmental library was established. With 370 books for undergraduate students and 112 books for HS students, it is now a well-stocked library. Dr. Simarekha Bhagowati also ran a library in the department and in 2019 it was merged into the departmental library. In the same year, the library was named after Dr. Simarekha Bhagowat’sfather,  Late Dr. Narendra Nath Bhagowati.


To set the department as a postgraduate and research department so that it becomes easily accessible for locals as well as others.


Acquire knowledge of Mathematics and apply in life.


Imparting quality mathematics education and inculcating the spirit of innovative teaching and research. To achieve high standards of excellence in generating and propagating knowledge in Mathematics. To provide an environment where students can learn, become competent users of mathematics, and understand the use of mathematics in other disciplines.


To be a leading Mathematics Department in the state of Assam. To emerge as a center of learning and academic excellence.


The department try provides a domain conducive to nurturing analytical minds. It is the endeavour of the department to provide a rich mathematical experience wherein students can learn to think critically, communicate mathematical concepts effectively, and become lifetime learners. The goal is to promote multidisciplinary learning so that the students develop a wider perspective and equip them with the resources necessary not only for mathematics learning, but to enable them to compete with confidence at multiple levels in various fields. 

Courses Offered

  1.      B.Sc. Honours
  2.      B.A.   Honours
  3.      B.Sc. Regular
  4.      Certificate Course in Basic Mathematics
  5.     Certificate Course in Vedic Mathematics
  6.     Certificate Course in Basic Application of Mathematics in Computer

Resources of the Department

The Department of Mathematics is well-equipped with
(i)   One teacher's common room with one computer and one Printer
(ii)  Two Digital (ICT-enable) Classrooms. One of them is furnished with a Digital interactive panel board and
        the other is equipped with a computer and a projector.
(iii) One general Classroom.
(iv)  One fully furnished Computer Lab with Eight numbers of computers
(v)   One well-stocked Departmental Library with 370 books for UG level and 112 books for Higher Secondary
       Level students.


Well-qualified and dedicated faculty.

Well-equipped Mathematics Lab and ICT enable Class Rooms.

Actively participates of each faculty not only in various college committees, but also in different outreach programs and community works.


  • Not active and proper participation of the students in the various activities.
  • The poor concept in Mathematics at higher secondary Level.
  • Students have a proclivity to join government jobs before finishing their undergraduate studies.


A degree in Mathematics is considered one of the most advanced degrees of study. Students after completion of the degree course can opt for a Master Degree Program in Mathematics, MCA, Actuarial Sciences, and others as per interest. Besides the students can also join Engineering, Teaching, Banking, and Government Administrative Jobs. Being a part of popular STEM courses, it also builds a strong foundation in allied fields of Computer Science, Statistics, Finance, Information Technology, Game Theory, and so forth. In addition to that, the course also trains students in computer software such as Python, C+, Java, Mathematica etc.


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Activities of the Department

  • In 2013 our department organized an excursion to Delhi and Nainital.
  • Every year, starting in 2016, our students produce a wall magazine with a focus on the mathematical topic but not limited to it.
  • On 25th September 2018 organized an Alumni Meet.
  • Organised a cleanness drive and plantation program inside the Morigaon College campus and Morigaon town area on 5 June 2022. 
  • The Mathematics Department organised  a flood relief Camp with Student Union on 25-05-2022
  • The Department of Mathematics organized
  1. A UGC sponsored National seminar on “ Mathematics Education" on 31 January to 1 February 2014
  2. A webinar  on “Academic Social Media” on 2020
  3.  A webinar on “Beauty of Mathematics:  Presence of Mathematics in Nature” in 2020.
  4. A webinar on on "Math Phobia :: Some Causes and remedial Measure" on 24/0

Awards of the Department

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Publication of the Department

Departmental Publication:

  (i) Wall Magazine  'Aryabhatta' published annually.

  (ii)  Zero to Zenith-On the occasion of Alumni meets in 2018.

Achievements of the Department

(i) Miss  Madhusmita Devi obtained 100% marks in the 6th-semester final Examination/ 2015 in the paper M602  of Mathematics 

      (Major).  She scored 75 out of 75 in the paper Numerical Analysis (M602)


Future Plan of the Department

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Best Practices

The department uses mathematical softwares in teaching, learning and research

  1. To train the students for use of Mathematical software in real life problems
  2. To deepen the skills gained through the course
  3. To train  the students for online learning of e-courses like Machine Learning with Python